Errol Schweizer is one of the world's most knowledgeable people when it comes to the relationship between sustainable agriculture and modern retailing.

The fabulous team at Constant Wonder Radio, hosted at BYU, have aired a 30-minute interview with me about my book Supermarket USA. The broadcast is available at:

Written with my colleague Beatrice D'Ippolito, "From Monsanto to ‘Monsatan’: Ownership and control of history as a strategic resource" explores challenges organizations face when attempting to translate a problematic past into strategic gain.
The Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal has released a special issue on historical approaches to entrepreneurship, which includes an article by myself and Andrew Godley as well as several excellent articles by world-leading business historians (Dan Wadhwani, Stephanie Decker, and Matthew Hollow, among others).
Early views are available of my latest article in Enterprise & Society, “Crop Insurance and the New Deal Roots of Agricultural Financialization.” Federal crop insurance, initially developed as a social insurance program during the late New Deal, increasingly became a lever of financialization, a means of disciplining individual farmers to think of farming in abstract terms of risk management.
I recently published an article for the 100th Centennial of the Agricultural History Society reviewing opportunities and challenges for integrating theory and theoretical perspectives into agricultural history research. Read the whole article in Agricultural History on JSTOR.
Stephen Dubner's Freakonomics team has done a fabulous job with this podcast based on my research for Supermarket USA. Audra Wolfe (@ColdWarScience), Anne Effland (of the USDA), and Peter Timmer (emeritus Harvard) brought brilliant insights to the show. And Matt Hickey and his production team did a great job mixing vintage audio with contemporary scholarship.
Read reviews in Journal of American History; Business History Review; Business History; Food, Culture, & Society; H-SOZ-KULT; Agriculture and Human Values, and more...
My latest book, Supermarket USA: Food and Power in the Cold War Farms Race (Yale University Press), is available to order on Amazon. Read an early review in Publisher's Weekly.
Myt article, "Agribusiness, the Family Farm, and the Politics of Technological Determinism in the Post-World War II United States," was published in Technology and Culture.