Reviews of Supermarket USA

Vicki Howard in Business History: "Supermarket USA offers a sophisticated reinterpretation of the Cold War and post-Cold War eras that highlights the inseparability of business and politics and the historicity of loaded terms like ‘free enterprise’." 

Kristin L. Ahlberg in the Journal of American History: "Drawing on a wealth of multinational archival
sources, Hamilton has written a richly detailed and compelling history of an often overlooked component of Cold War food policy."

Amy Bentley reviews Supermarket USA in Business History Review: "a well-written, concise examination of the soft-power role of supermarkets during the post–World War II Cold War era."

John Hoenig review of Supermarket USA in Food, Culture, & Society: "Supermarket USA provides important insight into the importance of food to the battles waged between the United States and Soviet-aligned countries, but it is also instructive in how food can be used to write new and compelling histories of the twentieth century, giving scholars an innovative lens to look at economic and business history and its relationship with politics and international affairs."

Michelle Mart review of Supermarket USA in H-SOZ-KULT  : "His Cold War analysis is not intended merely to add to the literature on the subject, but to deconstruct the dominant interpretation, emphasizing that the conflict is best understood as an economic competition broadly waged in various realms. From within this broad interpretative framework, Hamilton examines the supermarket in new and creative ways."

Justin Nordstrom review of Supermarket USA in Agriculture and Human Values: "a succinct discussion of U.S. food systems that will be a welcome addition to Cold War historiography and the history of international food systems."